Your Very

Own Instant Marketing  Growth Team

We understand that for a business owner, digital marketing is tough

It takes strategy. It takes planning. It takes execution and maintenance.  …

In short, you just don’t have the time.  

And for all that, can’t be done by one marketer because the truth is that it is just not possible for one person to be on top of all the ins and outs of digital marketing trends and have time left to do the implementation. 


You need a team of marketers.

But, building your own team takes time.  The time that—as a business owner—you just can’t spare.  

Picking over job applicants vetting out each subject matter expert to find the right talent, going through round after round of interviews, onboarding, HR, project management… the list goes on and on. 

To ensure that you have the right talent for your current and future digital marketing needs, you will need:


  • Copywriter

  • Designer

  • Developer

  • Ads manager

  • Quality assurance specialist

  • Marketing strategist

  • Apps and automation expert

  • And more...  

Why Invest all the time and money into searching and hiring the right talent only to worry that they'll leave you. 

Your Very Own Instant Marketing TEAM

There’s a new way to get your own instant digital marketing team in just 3 simple steps.   

Instant marketing team (designer, developer, copywriter, ads manager, strategist, & more...). No hiring drama, no interviews, no HR.

  • Unlimited tasks & projects completed per month by your marketing team.

  • You’re in the driver’s seat: You select the tasks you need to prioritise, then sit back and watch them get done.

  • We do all the work, you own it all (landing pages, emails, ads—all of it).

  • No contracts—just upgrade, downgrade, pause, or cancel at any time.

Tailored To Your Business Goals

You tell us your goals for the next 12 Months, 2 or 3 Years.  We will work with you to prioritise these into actionable, trackable and measurable outcomes (landing page, funnel, ads, etc).

Here are some examples of goals you may want to achieve for your business. 

Problem and solution

awareness education

Your goal may be to help your prospective customers become aware of their problems. We will help your audience realize that they may have a problem and how they can easily obtain a positive solution.

Acquiring new leads

and customers

Getting more leads and new customers is a primary goal of most businesses.  We can help you gain new leads and customers, without it your business will never grow beyond what it is now nor will it be able to scale.

Activating leads

and dormant customers

We can encourage prospects to buy from you for the first time, and past customers to buy again. We can activate any dormant leads and customers and help keep your

business in mind.

Monetizing existing leads

and customers

Acquiring new leads and customers is expensive and time-consuming. We will help you monetise from existing leads and customers, increase upsell, cross-sell, and other types of offers to sell more to your best leads and customers.

Onboarding new leads

and customers

New leads and customers deserve your time and attention. We can help by creating content such as welcome emails or instructional videos to tell people how to use your product or service, what they can expect, and where to go if they need help.

Building community

and advocacy

We help improve relationships with customers by building a community of advocates.  We can create an outlet to let people praise or raise questions about your product or service and creating a sense of community for your customer base.

Whatever your goals may be.  Tell us, then sit back, and we will get you there.  

Here's What Happens After You Sign UP

Sign Up, Hop on a Quick Discovery Call

Start Listing Your Projects Goals and Priorities 

Review, Relax and Your Digital Marketing Team Will Get It All Done 

We handle all the work by assigning the right talent to your team, so you can invest your valuable time where it matters most.

Done-For-You Digital Marketing Services

"We help business owners like you squeeze more hours out of your day by taking care of your digital marketing projects for you."

Below are a few examples of the digital marketing tasks we can get done for you along with their estimated turnaround times.

*The timelines above are estimates. You’ll be able to see the exact timeline for each of your projects once we start working on your funnel. 

Flexible Plan Options


3 Tasks at a time

Unlimited task each completed month

All in one team

Custom Strategy

Weekly Updates

Monthly Check-ups

Per Month



2 Tasks at a time

Unlimited task each completed month

All in one team

Custom Strategy

Weekly Updates

Monthly Check-ups

Per Month



1 Task at a time

Unlimited task each completed month

All in one team

Per Month


All Packages Include:  

  • Skype, Phone and Email Support

  • Dedicated Project Manager

  • Dedicated Marketing Strategist

  • Copywriter

  • Designer

  • Developer 

  • Apps Manager

  • Quality Assurance Specialist 

  • Ads Manager

  • PLUS, access to all our Tools, Templates, & Trainings  

Cost Comparison 

Cost Of Hiring An Agency For Long Term

$12,500+ / Month

$150,000+ Per Annum

Cost Of You Hiring A Part-Time Team

$8,666.00 / Month

$104,000+ Per Annum

Cost Of You Hiring Gozappi

$1,649.00 / Month

$19,780+ Per Annum

Package Inclusions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Growzappi?

Growzappi is a done-for-you service by the Gozappi team.

Any subscription plan includes multiple done-for-you tasks

The more done-for-you tasks in your package, the more work we can get done for you month-to-month. The only limit is on the number of tasks we work on at the same time for you.


What is Weekly Follow-up  

Like the sharpest of swords, a digital marketing strategy needs to be refined again and again to get the best results. That’s why we include weekly follow-up in both the Gold and Diamond packages. With our Monthly Conversion follow-ups,  our talented digital strategist identifies weak spots and assigning action-items for our team to improve upon.

Can I pay quarterly, bi-annually, or annually for a discount? 

Yes! Simply select your package and click the quarterly or annual option for a discount depending on your package.


Is there a contract? 

Nope. Our plans are month-to-month. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time. 


Is there a guarantee? 

All plans are backed up by our 14-day money-back guarantee. If you’re on the fence and wondering if we’re a fit, simply sign up for a digital marketing health assessment to start off with.  You will receive a detailed report identifying your gaps and opportunities you can pursue now and in the future.  If you’re not happy or feel it isn’t a fit for your needs for any reason, no worries, you do not need to take it any further. 


What happens after I sign up?

Sign up only takes 60 seconds.

After that, we’ll invite you to join the live chat with your dedicated Project Manager and Marketing Strategist to walk you through the next step.


You’ll also get a complimentary consultation call from us to learn more about your business and how we can help you scale and save time.