When you partner up with Gozappi, you are opening a world of new possibilities for profit.

Introducing an amazing service that is creating an outstanding revolution in the retail industry!

We are looking for consultants, business coaches, services business owners and entrepreneurs in general who want to supercharge their business by becoming partners with Gozappi! 

You will be helping business owners by selling them the “Done For You Profit Funnel”.

We are talking about massive exposure, top-level marketing automation, a custom domain, delivery management, in-store ordering, and much more.

Partners are going to be earning through commissions, but the real power behind this partnership comes from the residual income that can easily reach around $52k per year!  You are not only making 50% on commissions, but you are also getting a percentage trailer payable to you from the sales made by the sellers you get to sign up!

This is a truly outstanding level of passive income that makes this partnership opportunity so powerful!

All you need to do is complete the partner training program to get your official Gozappi partner credential for $495 onetime fee. Create awareness of our platform and sign up other sellers who are also looking to profit.

Here’s what you’ll get with the one-time fee:

  1. 1000 Printed DL flyers to start creating awareness

  2. 500 Business cards

  3. Leads direct from our site will be allocated to our partners

  4. Listed on our Gozappi site as a partner

  5. Exclusive access to SCALE MY BUSINESS membership portal

  6. Life time access to the Gozappi Profit Funnel Platform

  7. Gain unlimited access to our VIP customer service representatives!

  8. Full training on the latest profit funnel strategies

  9. Customer Presentation Tool Kit

We have a limited time offer that is going to allow you to become a full program partner with VIP benefits!

We are in the business of massive profit and you can start to benefit from this RIGHT NOW for an extremely low-priced ONE-TIME ONLY FEE by clicking the link below!

If there is any platform that is very committed to your success and has what it takes to help you achieve your business goals, and even exceed your expectations, it is Gozappi.

Complete the Expressions of Interest Form below to start a conversation. 

This is a decision that is going to change the way you do business forever!


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For our sellers, Gozappi is an easy and affordable way to scale your business by using a built-in evergreen sales funnel to help you acquire leads, nurture leads and convert them into repeat buyers. At Gozappi, we are more than just your marketing tool for creating a great deal, we are your very own marketing department.


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