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Grow Your Audience

Package Overview

Having an e-commerce store is a great start!  But that alone will not bring in sales. Your prospective buyers still won't know anything about you, how would they?  There are millions of websites out there on the world wide web.  Your competitors are not just those who provide the same products/services, but they also include businesses that provide substitute products/services to what is being offered by your business.  There are plenty of choices for the buyers, why would they choose you?  So, to even be considered in the first place, businesses need to first appear to their buyers - that is being seen and then appeal to them.


With the ‘Grow Your Audience’ package, we will create massive exposure by running Facebook Ads, Google Ads and various other advertising channels, to drive highly targeted visitors to your offer and your online store.  We will also teach you hacks to grow your followers and connections quickly and easily. 

What You Get

The Grow Your Audience package includes the following services:

  1. Craft two (2) Lead Magnets that will entice to visit your store and connect with you

  2. Create four (4) Irresistible Offers / four (4) Upsells that will increase the average purchase value

  3. Give you 12 Month Access to Gozappi (Zappi plan) Normal Price $588 Per Year

  4. We will run Paid Ads in various channels to send traffic to your offer for 12 Months - Priceless

  5. Provide you with FREE marketing support for 12 months and help you maintain your online store, update your products and offers.

What's Included

12 Month Access to Gozappi Zappi Plan

12 Months of marketing support and business growth strategy consultation

Includes highly converting sales content

Unlimited Revisions 

Expect completion date:  4 Weeks from the complete supply of information

Who Should Grab This Deal?

New business start-ups

Businesses that are experiencing peaks and troughs in their sales cycles

Businesses that are paying Facebook, Google and other 3rd parties to get traffic to their offer / store

Businesses that don't yet have their very own audience 

Next Step

Purchase this package and follow the instructions on the email to get started. 

One Time Payment - Life Time Access

Whatever your idea, we can bring it to life. 

What are you waiting for? 


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