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Build Your Entire Evergreen Marketing And Sales Funnel

Package Overview

With this All-Inclusive ‘Build Your Evergreen Sales and Marketing Funnel’ package, we will design an e-commerce store with delivery, pickup, and in-store order features, drive traffic to your offers, build your followings, nurture them and convert leads to real sales.


What’s more, is that we will set everything for you.

The ‘Build Your Evergreen Sales And Marketing Funnel’ package includes all of the following packages:

  1. Marketing Starter Kit

  2. Build Your E-commerce Store

  3. Build Your Audience

  4. Rapport and Credibility Booster

  5. Nurture Your Audience

What You Get

Build Your Online Store Package

  1. The Build Your E-commerce Store package includes the following services:

  2. Set up your Gozappi Account

  3. Build your E-commerce Store with unique eye-catchy images

  4. Add/upload up to 100 products with titles and product descriptions

  5. Set up your Delivery, Take-Away and or In-store Ordering features for your online store.

  6. Craft your Lead Magnets / Irresistible Offers that will entice and hook new customers

  7. Create Upsells to increase the average purchase value for each transaction

Grow Your Audience

The Grow Your Audience package includes:

  1. Craft two (2) Lead Magnets that will entice to visit your store and connect with you

  2. Create four (4) Irresistible Offers / four (4) Upsells that will increase the average purchase value

  3. Give you 12 Month Access to Gozappi (Zappi plan) – Normal Price $588 Per Year

  4. We will run Paid Ads in various channels to send traffic to your offer for 12 Months - Priceless

  5. Provide you with FREE marketing support for 12 months and help you maintain your online store, update your products and offers.

Nurture Your Audience

  1. Help you to determine which Persona you are targeting

  2. Set up your Segmentation, Groups, and Lists

  3. Determine your campaign goals

  4. Map out your content for each segment against the buyer’s journey and stages in the funnel

  5. Write twelve (12) Nurturing Content / Messages with CTAs that will resonate with your audience

  6. Set up timely follow-ups and automation

  7. Provide you with FREE marketing support for 12 months and help you build better rapport and credibility with your audience.

What's Included

Lifetime Access to Gozappi - Zappi Plan Normal Price $588 Per Year

12 Months of marketing support and business growth strategy consultation

Your very own dedicate marketing support team. 

Expect completion date:  4 Weeks from the complete supply of information

Who Should Grab This Deal?

New business start-ups

Businesses that are experiencing peaks and troughs in their sales cycles

Businesses that are paying Facebook, Google and other 3rd parties to get traffic to their offer/store

Businesses that don't yet have their very own audience 

Next Step

Purchase this package and follow the instructions on the email to get started. 

Billed Annually - $3588.00

Whatever your idea, we can bring it to life. 

What are you waiting for? 


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