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Follow Sellers And Be Rewarded
Be the first to know about special offers from popular brands.  Not only will you never miss out on special deals again, you will frequently receive FREEBIES from our sellers. It's like getting FREE samples from manufacturers, but instead of physical sample products, you get coupons which you can redeem or gift to friends. 

View Friends Wishlists
Don't you just hate not knowing what to get for that special someone on their special occasion? You can view the wishlist of all your connections and on their next special occasion you can give them something that means a great deal to them.

Share Coupons And Vouchers
Giving is such an enjoyable and self rewarding thing to do. With our Go-zapped feature you can share extra coupons and vouchers easily with family and friends. Coupons and Vouchers you have bought are transferable. No more collecting or swapping physical coupons or vouchers. 

Birthday Gifts
You mean a great deal to us, so on your special day we want to give you a special gift that means a great deal to you.

Get Recommendations And Feedback 
Before making a purchase you can create a recommendation post to your connections and get feedback and recommendations from them. And if you're in luck your connections might just a coupon for that which they'd be willing to part with. 

One Time Negotiation On An Offer
In addition to awesome discounts which are already being offered by our sellers, you can negotiate with the seller to have the product / service for even less. Try your luck 50% chance. 

Personalised Alerts
Personalise how you want to be alerted: Set and choose to be alerted on specific categories or on offers by specific sellers. You can also set alerts on offer discount range, specified km radius and so much more.

Real Time Offer Search
Never have to wonder where you can get a great deal at a great price ever again. You can do a simple search in our marketplace and it will show you a list of offers from stores within your specified km radius and other criteria.

Affiliate Earnings And Wallet
You'll have full visibility of the earnings from your affiliated connections.  The earnings in your wallet can be transferred to your connections or use to purchase from our marketplace.

Get Paid For Growing Your Connections

If you believe in our mission and the features of this platform gets you excited, then consider signing up as an affiliate.  If approved you will be able to earn passive life-timer annuity. It's FREE, there is no charge. 

Goingzappi, Is The Only Platform Where Both Buyers And Sellers Come Out As Winners


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