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GoZappi – from There to Here


From running her own training company and providing training and coaching services to business owners, the award winning founder Lee Lim have seen the struggles and challenges faced by many small businesses over the course of her career.  "The one biggest problem that most small businesses have in common is -- not having enough sales" Says Lee.

The way Lee sees it, there are ample opportunities for businesses to grow, if only they leverage as much as possible. Whatever tools and technologies are available, they need to make use of them.


Globalisation rolls on year after year, and the businesses that aim to succeed need to understand that fact and act on it.  Lee applied this perspective in the launch her second business, a marketing consulting company through which she showed small business owners how to scale up and guarantee themselves perpetual sales funnels.


From there Lee came to understand just what she needed to do to make the most significant impact on the businesses she was serving. These businesses lack the resources and the understanding that they need to build a top-quality sales funnel, so she decided to help them out.


Striving to drive traffic, drive sales, and drive repeat sales, she created GoZappi, a sales funnel automation platform that helps businesses build leads, nurture their prospects, cultivate trust with their prospects, and convert their prospects into loyal clients.


GoZappi is the culmination of all her diverse educational and work experiences, her recognition and mastery of business benefiting everyone who use the service.


Lee believes that any business can grow as long as its sales are growing. That begins with a practical, scale-able and affordable sales funnel.  


Gozappi is on a mission to spread a little happiness.

Hardly a day goes by when news about a retailer struggling or closing down hits the headlines. Of course, the boom in online sales is partly to blame. But what if the power of online could be the catalyst for a revival in the fortunes of high street and other retailers?  


What if there was a way these struggling businesses could leverage on tools and technology to generate new business?

Well, in Gozappi there is.



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If you are relying on your website to generate sales and secure new business for your retail SMB, you need Gozappi.


Websites aren’t the best way of selling or attracting new customers. That’s the job of what’s known as a sales funnel.


And Gozappi is a new and advanced sales funnel packed with tools and techniques designed to help retailers compete for customers in today’s tough markets.


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Gozappi – It means a great deal in so many ways.

For our sellers, Gozappi is an easy and affordable way to scale your business by using a built-in evergreen sales funnel to help you acquire leads, nurture leads and convert them into repeat buyers. At Gozappi, we are more than just your marketing tool for creating a great deal, we are your very own marketing department.


For our buyers, you mean a great deal to us, so as our way of saying thank you we’ll reward you for joining us on our journey to making our world a little happier because that means a great deal to us.

Discover how you can best join our us on our journey here. Don’t be shy, we’ll welcome you with happiness.

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